Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pauline Gallagher's Favorite Mosaic

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday. It's a beautiful, sunny day in Omaha, and although it's hot, no one has warned us that our plants might spontaneously combust like they warned of last weekend, so that's a big plus.

Pauline Gallagher has sent in a photo of her favorite mosiac "Nautilus", and it is divine. Just look at that beautiful glass. It almost seems to glow.

Pauline completed it several years ago as an intended donation to a local charity auction, and says, "The inspiration for the piece was a sliced Nautilus shell which I borrowed from a friend. I used Sicis iridiscent glass tile in many shades of black, white and gold (a new material for me at that time). The tiles were adhered to an 18 inch diameter light weight Ikea bamboo bowl.

One of the reasons it is still a favorite of mine is that it showed me, early in my mosaic career, that I had the capability of creating a fine piece of mosaic art and gave me the confidence to continue."

Thank you so much for sending this in, Pauline!
To see more of her mosaics, please visit her Flickr site:

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