Friday, August 8, 2008

Caz K's Favorite Mosaic

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Thank you to Caz, for sending a photo and information about her favorite mosaic made by her: "Starry Night".
Caz says, "It was the first piece I made using fibre glass mesh and the largest.
I made this picture in 4 pieces using ceramic tiles I had bought and others had given me.
It was also the first piece I used my wet saw to cut out the small pieces.
My husband, Atti, made the frame for it, and it proudly hangs in my family room.
My favourite colour is blue, and this picture has a lot of blues matching the walls and furniture in my home."

Caz is a master with her wet saw, and it's universally agreed upon that she's the Queen of Pots (gorgeous mosaiced pots). I remember when Caz posted this in the Mosaic Addicts group. I've always loved this painting, and mosaics, so I thought this interpretation was amazing.

To see more of Caz' art, please visit her Flickr site at

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