Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ch #21 - Emotion - Ending 5/31

Hi All,

The "Emotion" Challenge will be ending May 31, and we only have one entry so far.

Valerie Hornby (MosaicMuse) picked this challenge, and here is her description:

"A 2D interpretation of an emotion, either abstract or in the real here and now.

So, not a picture of something that would invoke an emotion (eg: spiders (fear) Brad Pitt (lust?) Flag (pride) - but what that emotion would look like in art form. Eg - a deep red wash to show anger (abstract), or a pair of wide eyes showng surprise (here & now).

Include information about the size and tess used, and something about the emotion or at least what the emotion is."

Personally, I like the abstract option of this challenge. Color definitely makes me think of certain emotions and sometimes even feel the emotion.

In my opinion, the most interesting part of this group is seeing different interpretations of the same idea.

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Here's Laura's entry, "Blame the Hormones" I could not love the title any more. LOL

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ch #20 - Something Natural - Ending May 31

Hi Everyone,

TWO challenges will be ending at the end of May. The first one is #20 - "Something Natural", and the other is #21 - "Emotion".

Judit (StIglice) picked the "Something Natural" challenge for us, and describes it like this:

"Create a piece using at least 50% (the more the better) natural materials: minerals, stones, pebbles, etc.
There is no restriction on the base, the colors, the theme, the style or the form of the natural materials."

Here's a look at the six gorgeous pieces that have been entered so far.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Fauvism" Challenge Favorites Announced

Hi All,

Congratulations to the artists who made the top three favorite pieces for the Fauvism challenge.

The number one favorite is "County Road W" by Pat Mitchell (MosaicWench)

The first runner up is "Open Window" by Lori Meade (Meadel)

The second runner up is "Jane Era Caldrea" by Tish (ArTish71).

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What is the "Mosaic Challenge" Group?

Hi Everyone,

As of today, this is what the Mosaic Challenge Group on Flickr is all about, but it changes a little bit every now and then.

The Mosaic Challenge Group encourages its members to stretch themselves and show off their talent by creating new subjects and trying new styles.

Every month a new challenge is announced. Challenge periods last approximately two months, so there are often three or more challenges going with different end dates.

The challenge can be about a subject, tesserae, substrate, art movement or anything else an artist can dream up. The challenge definition will have the artists' guidelines (such as "must be 2-dimensional"), but other than that challenge participants are encourage to interpret the challenge in a way that works for them.

The end result is the wonderful opportunity to see several different artists' interpretations of the same challenge idea.

Current Challenges are found here. This list is always updated.

At the end of each challenge there is a private vote. Group members may vote for up to three of their favorites. The number 1, 2 and 3 favorite pieces are announced, but all other voting results are kept private.

The top favorite wins the following:

1) The photo of their piece will be used as the group icon until the next challenge favorite is announced.

2) The artist gets to pick the next challenge.

3) Tammy from Tile Shack ( provides a $25 gift certificates to her store.

4) The first and second runners-up will receive a $15 gift certificate to from Tile Shack.

Artists may enter as many pieces in each challenge as they'd like.

Pieces must be completed during the challenge period.
A piece may be a work in progress at the time the challenge is announced, but it can not be complete prior to the challenge period.

Members may participate in and vote on as many or few challenges as they'd like. Everyone is encouraged to vote whether they've entered a piece or not.

Please send a flickr mail to Millimomo with any questions, or - better yet - start a discussion within the group.

Happy Mosaicing!


Friday, May 1, 2009

"Fauvism" Challenge #19 - Time to Vote

Hi Everyone!

Challenge #19 - "Fauvism" - ended yesterday with five goooorgeous, luscious entries.

Please go to the Flickr discussion (click right here) to see the pieces in all their glory, and then either send me a Flickr mail (Millimomo) or an email at with your ONE favorite this time.

You may vote through May 7, and the favorite will be announced May 8.