Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ch #21 - Emotion - Ending 5/31

Hi All,

The "Emotion" Challenge will be ending May 31, and we only have one entry so far.

Valerie Hornby (MosaicMuse) picked this challenge, and here is her description:

"A 2D interpretation of an emotion, either abstract or in the real here and now.

So, not a picture of something that would invoke an emotion (eg: spiders (fear) Brad Pitt (lust?) Flag (pride) - but what that emotion would look like in art form. Eg - a deep red wash to show anger (abstract), or a pair of wide eyes showng surprise (here & now).

Include information about the size and tess used, and something about the emotion or at least what the emotion is."

Personally, I like the abstract option of this challenge. Color definitely makes me think of certain emotions and sometimes even feel the emotion.

In my opinion, the most interesting part of this group is seeing different interpretations of the same idea.

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Here's Laura's entry, "Blame the Hormones" I could not love the title any more. LOL

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