Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ch #20 "Something Natural" - Time to Vote

Hi Everyone,

We have two challenges to vote for this month. I'll blog about the 2nd challenge later this week. For now we're looking at the pieces entered for challenge 20 - "Something Natural".

The "Something Natural" Challenge was Judit's (StIglice) pick after winning the "Animal" Challenge.

Here is her definition of the challenge:

Create a piece using at least 50% (the more the better) natural materials: minerals, stones, pebbles, etc.

There is no restriction on the base, the colors, the theme, the style or the form of the natural materials.

Please check out the gorgeous work here and send me a FlickrMail or Email me Millimomo@gmail.com with your top three favorites. Please include the number of the piece from the Flickr discussion and the artist's name. I like to get both so I'm sure the piece of your choice is getting the vote.

Happy Voting!


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