Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ch #21 - "Emotion" - Time to Vote

Hi Everyone,

Here are the entries for our second challenge that's ending this month: "Emotion".

Valerie (MosaicMuse on Flickr) picked this challenge.

Here's her definition:

"A 2D interpretation of an emotion, either abstract or in the real here and now.

So, not a picture of something that would invoke an emotion (eg: spiders (fear) Brad Pitt (lust?) Flag (pride) - but what that emotion would look like in art form. Eg - a deep red wash to show anger (abstract), or a pair of wide eyes showng surprise (here & now).

Include information about the size and tess used, and something about the emotion or at least what the emotion is."

I love the entries for this challenge. They're so interesting!

Please check them out on Flickr (right here) to see more detail, and either send me a FlickrMail or an Email at with your top three favorites. You may vote through the end of the day, June 8.



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