Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lori's Favorite Mosaic

Hi Everyone!

Please take a look at Lori's favorite mosaic made by her: "Tale of Two Futures". This is one of those pieces that I can just look at forever.

Looking at this piece, it's hard to believe that she's fairly new to mosaic. Lori partially explains it as follows: "Dorothy sat, contemplating the ruins of her world. War, corruption, and indifference had brought about a poverty not seen in decades. Not only the monetary kind of poverty, but one that brought desolation to the spirit of her people. As the powerful storm brewed behind her, floodwaters threatened to overwhelm the dam, a reminder of the destruction of Wicked Katrina's reign. Dorothy felt pulled to get off the wall. Utopia was right around the corner."

This is Lori's favorite "because of the passion I felt creating it! It's not so much the end product as it was the journey of the design, and the learning process I went through
trying to extrude my vision into a tangible form. (especially,with a deadline!!!!)"

Many thanks to Lori for sending in this intriguing mosaic. To see more of her mosaics, please visit her Flickr site at:

Now I have to go back for another look.

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