Monday, August 18, 2008

Finished Pot? Finished Reflections? How About WIP's?

Good Morning!

I understand that some of you have finished your pots. Great job! At the end of the month I'll include them all in a single post to make voting easier.

In the meantime, please send me a link or photo of your finished project ("Pot" or "Reflections of") so that I can start a draft of the final post.

I plan to post photos of your finished projects as I receive them, but if you'd rather I wait until the final voting post, just let me know that when you send it.

Also, if you have any WIP photos, please send those in. Everyone loves a good WIP photo or 20! :-)

And lastly, I'm worried about this Blog slipping through the cracks, so I'd like to put together a mailing list. The only emails I will send will be reminders to check the blog at important times for updates like: 1) submitting your finished project 2) reminders to vote 3) announcement of the winner 4) announcement of the new challenge - so four emails a month. I will send these emails out blind carbon copy, so there will be no risk of you being spammed to death because of this email. If you'd like to be on the list (and I strongly encourage it, because it also helps me gauge interest), please send your email address to me at:

So, let me recap (since I tend to blab on)
  1. Send me a link or photo of your work as soon as you have it. I'll post them unless you ask me not to.
  2. Send me WIP photos to share.
  3. Send me your email address for BCC announcement emails only.

I hope everyone's doing great! Looking forward to your photos!


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