Monday, July 28, 2008

No Piddly Prizes

Wow! Tammy from TileShack has generously offered to provide prizes. And we're not talking about the piddly prizes I had in mind, or even the "poor" prizes I'd hoped to move up to, to think up a "P" word that means awesome or super or great, but apparently it's still too early for creative thinking of that magnitude)...anyway, it's a stuPendous (how's that?) prize: a $25 gift certificate to her store. I am really amazed at her generosity.

Tammy, again, thank you so much!

Here's the link to the Tile Shack:


Jen Smith said...

very cool Lynne-Tammy is a really nice person. If you ever are near Tulsa, Ok, her store is just north of there in Owasso. I've been there a couple of times since it's near my mom's home. I love to go there!

Broken Glass Mosaics said...

I'm looking forward to everything! Thanks Tammy for being so generous and thank you Lynne for all your hard work as well as generosity. It is appreciated!

Kimmy said...

Excellent! It sounds like fun.
Thanks Lynne and Tammy!

Lynne said...

Hi Ladies!

Thanks for showing up. :-)

I had no idea Tammy's store was in Tulsa. I get about 2.5 hours away sometimes. There are NO mosaic stores in Omaha, so it would be worth a roadtrip to meet her and actually be IN a MOSAIC STORE. *sigh*