Sunday, July 27, 2008

Current Mosaic Challenges

July 27 - August 31: Pot

The first challenge will be a short one to get us started. The challenge is "Pot". You might want to mosaic a pot, a picture of a pot, the back of a pot (as in pots and pans) - whatever. It's up to you. It's your interpretation.

July 27 - September 30: Reflections of...

This could be anything that reflects or is a reflection. You could mosaic a mirror, mosaic something using mirror tile, or mosaic an image that includes a reflection. Again, it's up to your interpretation.


It's okay if you happen to already have a piece in progress at the beginning of the challenge (what a happy coincidence!), but please do not submit anything that was already complete at the beginning of the challenge.

Have fun!


AllBrokenUp said...

Lynne, You are such a busy woman, starting yet another group. I love these challenge groups, especially since I seem to be the type of person who needs deadlines. Hehehe

Thank you so much,
Lisa B

Lynne said...

Lisa, I'm exactly the same way! I need a project. It makes it so much more fun and motivating for some reason. And I especially like seeing multiple interpretations of the same idea.

I'm so glad to see you here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting this group Lynne :). I am really excited about the prizes! Also, having the challenges helps me to branch out, lol!


Lynne said...

Hi Jess, I'm so glad you stopped in! I am really impressed with the prizes myself. That was so great of Tammy.

cindiloo said...

Hi Lynne...I, too, am grateful for you starting this challenge blog and with prizes! I like having a project with a deadline. I have finished my pot challenge and have posted it at my flickr album. It was fun!