Friday, April 17, 2009

Ch #18 - "One of the Five Elements" - Time to Vote!

Hello Everyone!

Challenge #18 ended Wednesday, April 15, so it's time - once again - to vote.

The challenge was "One of the Five Elements" - picked by Lynn (SiriusMosaics - favorite artist of Challenge #13 - "Bottle Fit for a Genie"). The guidelines were, "Pick one of the Five Elements: Wood, Earth, Metal, Water, Fire. It can be your own intrepretation, may refer to the Chinese or Japanese Philosophy, scientific, etc."

You make click here for a discussion of the challenge.

We have seven gorgeous entries, as you can see. Click here to see the pieces (and their voting numbers) in more detail.

Through Wednesday, April 22, please either send me a Flickr Mail, or an email at, with up to three of your favorites. Please include the number of the piece (found in the Flickr discussion) and the artists' names. (this just makes sure I give the right artist the votes). Favorites will be announced Thursday, April 23.

As always, the number one favorite will receive a $25 gift certificate from Tammy at TileShack and the admiration of all her friends. ;-)

Happy Voting!

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