Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Little Peek at the "Black and White" Entries...

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd send you a little peek at the entries we've received so far for the Black and White challenge which ends September 30. Don't you just want them ALL??? Me too!

This particular challenge doesn't have a prize associated with it (aside from the accolades and admiration of mosaic fans everywhere!), because it was part of the Flickr Mosaic Challenge before I combined groups.

All challenge winners after this one, along with the "Reflections of..." challenge also ending September 30, WILL receive a prize.

Please do not vote for these now. Voting won't begin until October 1, and I'm sure we'll have many more gorgeous entries by then.

However, if all of the recent political mumbo jumbo has given you an overpowering urge to vote for something, ANYTHING, then please check out the Pots and email me at with your favorite.

Happy Mosaicing!

1) Tiaelle

2) Browney44

3) Broken Glass Mosaics

4) KellieKel1

5) Caz.Kovacs

6) Mosaic.Queen2008

7) RuthTracks

8) ArtsyPhartsy

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