Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ch #35 - "Floral" Challenge - Time to Vote!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to have missed some reminders about voting and new challenges the last few months.  My life has calmed down a bit now, and I hope to be back on schedule.

The "Floral" Challenge ended May 31, and we had 35 lovely entries.  Check them out here.

Voting has started, and you may do so through the end of the day June 7.  You are welcome to vote for up to three of your favorites.  When voting, please send me a FlickrMail with the number of the piece (1 through 35 this time), and it's also helpful to receive either the artist's name or the name of the piece - that way I'm sure to give the right piece the vote.  Favorites will be announced June 8.

Thanks for your participation.


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